13 for two thousand & thirteen

happy new year 2013For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning. TS Elliot

With New Years just around the corner, it’s easy to get excited about diving headfirst into new health regimes and resolutions. These fabulous resolutions generally last until February when you can’t seem to remember why you ever decided to give up Starbucks.

This year doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn from a girl who had made the same resolutions every year until finally getting it right! Below are some tips Angela Moore (fitness guru) and myself talked about on a Rogers segment last year (yes, that was soooo last year BUT it works!!!).

1.) K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Sunshine!

  • Keep your goals simple and realistic.
  • Have an end goal and break that goal into smaller, achievable monthly tasks.

2.) Get Yourself Organized…before-hand 

  • Ditch that lazy work out buddy and replace him/her with someone who shares the same goals and schedule as you and most importantly, someone who will not only push you but support you along the way.
  • Find out what kind of equipment you will need BEFORE starting your new program.
  • Clear your kitchen cupboard or fridge from all the junk and replace it with all the goodness to avoid temptation.
  • Be prepared for cravings or previous bad habits sneaking back up on you.
  • Join a program to help you along the way.

3.)  Hold Yourself Accountable

  • Tell someone about your goals. By doing this, not only are you creating a support for yourself but you are now responsible for your own actions. In a simple term: No Cheating!
  • Join a group of like-minded people …Hellloooo bootcamp!!! (smooth, we know!)
  • Write down your goals and keep the list in a place where you will be constantly reminded.

4.) Check-In Often

  • Refer to this list often to remind yourself of not only your current tasks but also your end goal.

5.) Embrace it!

  • Enjoy what you are doing and have fun with it!
  • “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good…” be proud of your accomplishments and remember that it’s natural to feel like you’re sometimes going backwards rather than forwards.
  • I promise you, we’re not crazy! It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, so go ahead and have a cookie. Now saying that, we do encourage you to make wise choices as there are sooooo many YUMMY alternatives for treats.

13 for 2012For 2013, I decided to create 13 goals for myself. Here they are…

1. Become an early bird – According to Jodie Padro, from Alive Magazine, reclaiming the sunrise has more benefits than one. Some of these advantages include: spending more time with your family, having better work productivity, more health and happiness (yes there was a study done!), have the opportunity to create daily strategies, being exposed to more light in the winter, having more time to nourish yourself with a healthy breakfast and saving some money by brewing a cup of coffee or tea at home.
2. Cut back on the lattes – This will be my proud moment of realism. Although I understand the many negative impacts my love for green tea lattes have, I am going to set a realistic goal to cut back. When you have or do something you really enjoy, which may not be the very best, it’s not always necessary to completely cut it out. Every once and a while, it’s okay to get that latte or slice of cake you’ve been dying to have. It’s what you do most of the time, not all of the time!
3. Get outdoors – I’m guilty when it comes to getting sufficient sunlight in the winter. I’ll admit it, I’m really not a winter/cold weather kind of gal! This brings me to my next goal….
4. Try a new activity/sport – Trying a new sport has it’s many advantages. Besides meeting new people, trying new things, it’s a great way to get in your daily physical activity without having to tie yourself to the treadmill. Although it would be ideal to head outside, new activities or sports can also be indoors. I think squash and snow shoeing will be my next adventure!
5. Get some Zzzzz’s. – Getting enough sleep is so important for so many reasons. I am currently in a vicious cycle of going to bed really late and waking up.. well a little too late. There are many natural approaches which will set your sleeping patterns to exactly where you want them.
6. Start yoga…again – I love yoga, period. Don’t ask me why I was ever crazy enough to get out of this habit but with the daily stresses that life brings us, this is such a perfect way to unwind. Moksha Waterloo, here I come!!
7. Make homemade bread – My mom used to make homemade bread and it was sooo delicious. There’s nothing like coming home to the warm smell of fresh bread in the oven. Lately, I’ve been looking for a new bread that doesn’t contain everything I want to avoid and it seems to get more and more difficult, especially when I want to switch it up for a change. Well, what a better way than to make your own! Not only can you avoid the crap, but you can add in whatever you want to make it as healthy as you want. Hello fibre!
8. Eat more quinoa – Again, similar to my yoga experience, I used to eat quinoa at least once a day. Why did I stop? Beats me! Quinoa is such a powerful superfood with so many dietary bonuses. If you’re ever in search for a good recipe, please feel free to email me or check here often for upcoming posts.
9. Go on a trip – I’m sure everyone desires a good vacation. If you’re strapped for money this year, remember that “getting away” doesn’t always have to involve a plane ticket to Costa Rica. Plan a day trip with your partner, friend or family to a nearby sanctuary.
10. Pack a lunch – I am notorious for running out the door in the morning without a lunch (makes sense since I’m not the most energized gal in the morning). Packing a lunch the night before, or in the morning if you have the time, not only saves your bank account some digits but it ensures a nutritious lunch and snacks which will last you throughout the day.
11. Do a cleanse – Yes, I know I’m always encouraging others to detox but sometimes I don’t always meet my seasonal cleansing recommendations. I will do a detox every season and I hope you’ll join me!
12. Educate myself and others – I love going to seminars, webinars and everything in between. With the copious amount of information and continuous research being done, it’s important to stay on top of the new findings. In return, I also enjoy writing blogs, holding talks/seminars and having clients in my office asking questions so I can pass on the knowledge to others.
13. Learn a new language – mmk, I know this one’s a biggy! Have you hear heard the quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” by Saint Augustine of Hippo? Well, I envy this train of thought! Traveling brings a wealth of knowledge which you can not gain in any other way.  Learning another language allows you to connect with others on a more meaningful level. Studies have also shown that learning a new language challenges your brain and keeps it more active, decreasing your chances of certain diseases in later years.

Well, those are my 13 for two thousand and thirteen. What are yours?

Need a helping hand for 2013? Below is a special I will be offering until January 31st. Please contact me for more information or fill out the form below. Chelsea Cybalski, C.N.P  |  info@verveholistichealth.com  |  (519) 591.4087


New Years 2013I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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