Once upon a time..

Alert: a new virus is circulating this season… get your flu shot to protect yourself and your loved ones!! …….Bogus?

A recent study showed that those who received the matching vaccine to the viral strand which was circulating at that time (which is uncommon in the real world) reduced influenza infections in 3 out of 100 people. Or, put another way,97% of those injected with the vaccine received no benefit. http://www.NaturalNews.com/029641_vaccines_junk_science.html

Well, ONCE UPON A TIME (in the mid 1600’s to be exact)…

There was a raging Plague ripping through France, killing hundreds of civilians. While hundreds were ill, a rash of burglaries occurring among plague victim’s homes was discovered. The thieves carried on their crime for quite some time until people began to question why they had not become ill and died from the constant exposure to the disease. The secret to immunity had become of great interest to many and soon enough the burglars were apprehended.

After shaking the hands of authorities, the thieves struck a deal to exchange their secret to save their lives. It was then that the four thieves revealed their herbal disinfectant formula.

To this day, current health practitioners suggest that this formula may offer protection against illnesses such as the flu, small pox and many other conditions as it acts as a strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

This is fine and dandy, but where the hell do you buy this? The story has now reached it’s climax.. you can make it yourself!!

Four Thieves Formula

1 part lavender, dried
1 part sage, dried
1 part thyme, dried
1 part lemon balm, dried
1 part hyssop, dried
1 part peppermint, dried
1 handful garlic cloves
*Organic apple cider vinegar

  1. In a glass jar, place all dry herbs
  2. Add organic apple cider vinegar (enough to cover the herbs)
  3. Place jar in a cool place and let sit at room temperature for six weeks
  4. Strain off herbs and garlic, and pour into an air tight glass bottle or jar.

* When using vinegar, the acetic acid acts as a solvent and preservative in the same way as an alcohol. Vinegar should not be diluted with water and dried herbs should be used over fresh herbs to ensure the end product keeps well.

Methods of Use:
  • take a teaspoon once daily or recommended by your health practitioner
  • Add to cold/warm salads in a dressing or directly
  • Add a teaspoon to your bath
  • Use as a topical spray for disinfecting surfaces and/or skin

No time to make it yourself? We thought of that too..

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