Get In the Know!!

Happy New Year!
Nothing says New Years like starting your “January To-Do List” with fad diets, a gym membership which lasts no more than a month and ditching those dirty habits of yours. Angela and Chelsea aren’t always Negative Nancy’s but we can tell you one thing, we’re realistic.
How are we any different? REFRESH WELLNESS GROUP is a partnership between Holistic Nutritionist, Chelsea Cybalski, CNP and Personal Trainer, Angela Moore . Together, Chelsea and Angela will delve deeper than simply prescribing a generic diet and fitness plan. They will carefully look at you as an individual, because they know and understand that each person is biochemically unique. They will get an in-depth analysis of your current state of being. They will identify important deficiencies in your diet (using Live Cell Analysis) and possible toxins and imbalances in your body; and they will measure your overall fitness ability – all of which could be putting a negative impact on your health and wellness. They will then carefully design a customized nutrition, fitness and wellness plan so that you can be on the road to restoring balance and finally reaching your optimum physical health, for the long-term!
What’s up and coming?
* Winter Wellness Program 

Start Date: January 16th – March 9th

Package A: $500 

  • 8 x 1 hour personal training sessions
  • 3 nutrition consultations
  • live cell analysis

Package B: $300 

  • 4 x 1 hour personal training sessions
  • 2 nutritional consultations
  • live cell analysis

Package C: $280 

  • 8 weeks of bootcamp
  • 3 nutritional consultations
  • live cell analysis
* Group talk at Health in Balance
Join us January 11th at 7:00 pm and discover the dietary and fitness secrets to a flat belly and tips on how to truly keep off the weight this year!

* Catch us Live on Rogers TV!
On Wednesday January 11th, Angela and Chelsea will be Live on Rogers Daytime giving Jay and Susan a tip or two on fitness and how to make a delicious post-workout smoothie! 

For more information, check out our website or email us with any questions 

In good health and fitness,

Chelsea & Angela
Your health and fitness gurus! 

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