The Ultimate NY Resolution Conundrum

We do it every year.. “I’m going to lose 20 pounds in 2 months”, “I’m going to stop drinking alcohol”, or “I’m going to quit biting my nails”. Let’s face it folks.. there’s never a good time to stop eating for 2 months, that Italian water is mighty good in moderation and, well…you should have quit biting your nails last year. For this upcoming year, don’t bite off more than you can chew you eager beaver! Don’t set yourself up for failure and begin your goal blindsided and without a plan, preparation is key my friend!
Below are 5 tips on ways to prepare for your new transformation. Grab your pen and paper…
1)     Clean out your kitchen cupboards and fridge– eliminate all those tempting treats!! Candy, chocolate, refined carbohydrates (breads), any white grains (white rice, pasta), soda, coffee…..anything that might tempt you to sway from your plans. Sure, your grandma only makes rum cake once a year but the bag of chips will go straight to the hips! #jus sayin’2)     Make budget-friendly grocery lists – Going organic? Cutting out the crap? Start by purchasing a week’s worth of healthy food ahead of time and most importantly, stick to the list! This will support a budget-friendly trip as well as an avoidance of the heart attack isle.

3)     Plan your healthy meals in advance on a calendar or in a journal – this will help keep you focused, help you to prepare meals ahead of time, and ensure that you don’t just grab something that’s convenient. If you know you will be busy one evening, plan to cook a bit extra the night before so you have a meal to grab and go. *Tip* Microwaves kill the nutrients in your food, take the extra 3 minutes and pull out the pan to warm up your meal, YOU CAN DO IT! 😉

4)     Schedule in your workouts for each week –  maybe your goal isn’t to run a marathon but besides the appearance benefit of exercise, it will help to circulate your lymph, and aid your body in eliminating toxins. Does your work out partner suck? It’s time to go browse and interview a few new ones. Here are some traits to look for: someone who likes to work hard, set goals, inspires you, shares the same schedules as you and likes to sweat like a pig.

5)     Think happy thoughts! – Healthy choices are not just about improving the health of the body, but also the health of the mind. When it becomes difficult, negative thoughts may arise creating an acidic environment in the body. Write down encouraging phrases which will support you throughout this positive process.


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