For all the Hippies in Heels

Well my beauties, I’m creating a new category on my blog.. “hippies in heels”. This is my way of providing you with all the product information my lovely readers are looking natural. Why you ask? ..because I truly understand the struggle of finding a good, natural beauty products, that not only does the job, but doesn’t drain the wallet. Once you’ve found this wonderful product, you open it up and it smells like… well let’s just say it wasn’t the smell you were hoping for. What’s a “hippie in heels” gotta do to stay feeling fresh, fashionable, fabulous and free of chemicals?

Hippies.. a word that is commonly used to describe holistic nutritionists. Do I mind? Not one bit! Am I actually a hippie? No. That being said, I secretly admire the days of rebellion and revolution.

What really distinguishes this generation. . . is its determination to act, its joy in action, the assurance of being able to change things by one’s own efforts. 
Hannah Arendt (1972)

Aside from the war, there is so much to love about the fifties all the way through to the seventies. This was a time of change, development, acts of freedom, music and movements. This is a time before blackberries, androids and iphones,  ipads, laptops, HD television, facebook and twitter, tooney tuesdays and most of all the luxuries we have become dependent on today. Sure, it’s handy and evolution is wonderful but let’s not forget about going back to the basics once and a while. Home cooked meals, hand writing and mailing a letter (right), meeting up with a friend to gossip rather than texting (sometimes the wrong person, uh huh), tuning into rad hits, and simply taking time for yourself. Can you blame a girl for loving the sixties?

My revolution..

To not only take a stand for my own personal health and well-being but to preach to all you health sinners and new beginners! Discover what is in your beauty products and understand how it is effecting your bod. Pucker your bright red lips, flip your smooth, luscious hair and flirt wearing your favourite fragrance. Do it with class, do it with sass but do it naturally.


3 thoughts on “For all the Hippies in Heels

  1. I love reading your blogs! They are fun, informative and right to the point. Noooo beting around the bush!!

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