Caring for your Ta Ta’s

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which path will you take?

I came close buuut I couldn’t make my way into “Movember” without sharing some tips on how to care for the girls.

Finding the Cure… overdone? Don’t get me wrong, I would be pretty damn happy if a cure for breast cancer were to be discovered but in the meantime, my spot light is on prevention.

Ten tips for keeping the fun bags happy.

1. Incorporate cruciferous veggies
Although all vegetables are great to include in your daily diet, when relating to hormonal imbalances and specifically breast cancer…think cruciferous. Kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and last but not least the popular brussels sprouts. Research shows that this group of vegetables contains a chemical called “sulforaphane” which not only targets and kills cancer stem cells but prevents new tumours from forming. Along with this beneficial effect, these fancy veggies contain indole-3-carbinol which is known to balance estrogen in the body by partially blocking estrogen receptor sites on cell membranes. Kale smoothie anyone?

2. Avoid xenoestrogens
The word itself flashes warning. This harmful chemical mimics estrogen in the body and simply said..confuses the hell out of your bod. These masters of disguise land themselves most commonly on fruit and veggies sprayed with pesticide, industrial pollutants, residues on animal products and get this…interact paper (you know, that stuff we touch everyday).

3. Limit alcohol consumption
This was mind-boggling to me. Well, the alcohol was a no brainer but recently I was reading a health magazine and read a statistic that read “if you consume 3 or more drinks daily, your chances of breast cancer increase by 51%”. Wowzers.

4. Bust a move
Run, walk, bike, swim, skip, sex, juggle or shake whatcha mama gave ya..I don’t care what it is that you do but get moving! Aside from the looooong list of benefits from exercise, it’s good for the knockers too! Women who perform moderate exercise 6 hours a week may have reduced their chances of breast cancer by 21%. Tone, moan and groan!

5. Dry skin brush
I can’t stress enough how many people I see that have a congested lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system plays many roles in our body but it is pretty much a sister to the immune system which everyone knows we need in top condition in order to fight disease. Congestion is so easily corrected with dry skin brushing – simple, invigorating and it will leave your skin with a glow. Find a dry skin brush at your local grocery or health food store. Before turning on the shower, use the brush in a circular motion all over the surface of your body. You will notice your skin becoming red which means you’re doing it right! This is caused by increased blood circulation.

6. Vitamin D
As we’re beginning to experience a change in temperature (burr), Ontario is not sun ‘n beach all year round. This calls for Vitamin D supplementation! In respect to breast cancer, research has proven (thanks U of T), that Vitamin D reduces your risk drastically. Consult your N.D or nutritional practitioner for specific amounts you should personally be taking.

7. Reduce unnecessary radiation
Thermography – if you haven’t heard of it, please do some research! Like all other x-rays, mammograms which are used for early detection use doses of ionizing radiation to create an image. The NCI revealed evidence that, among women under the age of 35, mammography could case 75 cases of breast cancer for every 15 it identifies. Ahem…pardon? Dr. John. W. Gofman, an authority on the health effects of ionizing radiation, estimates that 75 percent of breast cancer could be prevented by avoiding or minimizing exposure to ionizing radiation. This includes mammography, x-rays and other medical/dental sources. By all means, I am NOT suggesting that you don’t get checked but perhaps research some alternative methods such as thermography.

8. Minimize chemical exposure
Have a pen handy? rBGH/rBST. Bovine growth hormone found in meat & dairy
Acrylamides. Compounds that are created when starchy foods are subjected to high heat (french fries and potato chips). Common Betty Crocker, heat that oven up to 350!
BPA (or Bisphenol A). Found in the lining of cans and plastic food containers
Phthalates. Plastic food containers
Styrene. Leaches from Styrofoam food trays and disposable containers
PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). Used in food packaging

9. Kick the cans to the curb
BPA found in the lining of cans and plastic food containers (in case you missed that line!) is a hormone disruptor and should be completely avoided whenever possible.

10.  Create an alkalinizing environment in your body
Cancer thrives in an acidic body. Try incorporating foods such as lemon, dark leafy greens, celery, grapefruit, cinnamon, ginger and curry. Experience the cleansing effects of consuming an alkalinizing diet and lifestyle.

So instead of sitting around waiting for a cure, take control of your own health and promote prevention.  


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