It’s breakfast time! What’s in your bowl?

Your Crackberry had just about enough of Johnny’s late night drunk texts, your hand hit the snooze button one too many times, you’re being punished today for choosing martini night over laundry (no, your “pick me up” shirt won’t work at the office) annnd to top it off you’re supposed to worry about…breakfast? Sigh.

Well actually, the answer is YES! I’m sure you’ve heard this more than enough but I’m here to set you straight… breakfast is in fact the most important start to your day. Why you ask?

Let’s get rid of the crap first. Lucky charms won’t make you so lucky when you’re trying to fit into that sexy black dress, Captain Crunch won’t keep your boat afloat and Special K, well let’s just say it ain’t that special. Starting your morning off with high sugar cereals, white/processed grains, artificial or prepackaged nastiness (this includes those “healthy” parfaits) will put a damper on your day. Sure, you may experience a pretty good lift but believe me when I say the crash isn’t worth it.

Now.. to the good stuff.

Try starting your morning off with a bowl of good ol’ fashioned oats. Steel Cut Oats (also referred to as Scottish or Irish Oats) are raw, unprocessed, whole oats (unlike many of the individual prepackaged oatmeal). This way, you will be starting the day off by lowering cholesterol, stabilizing your blood sugar, packing yourself with nutrients and left feeling satisfied. Amen. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day or it’s quite possible you may feel like your mixing a bag of cement in your stomach!

Fun fact: your oatmeal does not need to be boring! Spice it up and boost the nutritional value by adding nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), seeds (flax, chia), cinnamon, sweetener (maple syrup, honey, agave), vanilla, fruit (blueberries, bananas), cacao nibs and top it off with a splash of almond or rice milk. De-lish.


As I can’t stress enough the importance of incorporating a healthy breakfast in your everyday lifestyle, it is equally important for the little monkeys who are going off to school everyday. Breakfast for Learning is a wonderful organization which ensures no child starts off their day hungry. Their mission is to help empower communities to start and sustain child nutrition programs to enhance learning and healthy development of children and youth. In addition, BFL supports ongoing research and child nutrition education that demonstrates the link between nutrition and learning.

On Wednesday October 5th, I joined forces with two of my gals and together we organized a fundraiser in support of Breakfast for Learning. The event was held at Caesar Martini’s in Waterloo where we had live music performed by Juneyt Yetkiner, a fashion show, silent auction and DJ J Hillis. It was a fabulous evening and I would like to thank everyone who came out and donated and a special thanks to the models and the clothing stores who put on a fabulous show.

Here are some highlights from the evening! Great pictures by Mykhaylo Ryechkin

Clothing provided by: Core Clothing, Denim Bar, Loop Clothing, Unit 5 and Gloss. awesomesauce.


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