Well my beauties.. it’s that time of year again.. are you ready?

With summer flashing before our eyes (sigh), it’s time to prepare ourselves for shorter days, cold nights and the most dreaded.. flu season. Before you run to the health food store for your tubs of vitamin C, it’s time to think DETOX! With the weather still being above freezing, there’s still time to prepare our bodies by clearing our elimination pathways for a kick-ass immune system this year. Take a deep breath, I’m not suggesting you drink water, lemon, honey and cayenne pepper for a week.. please don’t starve yourself! I’m talkin’ whole foods, removing the crap and tweaking your lifestyle for a few days..or weeks!

Sign up today and learn how to detox and boost your immune system (or your kids) during the change of seasons. Within 1 appointment you will receive and understand an easy to follow detox plan which best suits your hectic lifestyle.

  • Learn the benefits and absolute importance of detoxing – even if you’re the healthiest nut out there, we can’t avoid all the chemical goodies out there which clog up the system. However, if you drink caffeine, eat packaged/processed foods, consume sugar, or have stress in your life then your past due.
  • Detox-approved recipes – I can preach to you for as long as you will listen but if you don’t have simple recipes to follow, getting started may be a little difficult. Follow these recipes which correspond to your plan and this will be a breeze!
  • Getting started tips, plans and tools – grocery list, places to go, people to see, and the list goes on. Detoxing should not put more stress in your life, so don’t let it. Each tid bit of information provided will make this experience easier and easier.
  • Live Cell Analysis – See the before and after results from detoxing!
  • What to expect – yes my friends, you WILL notice a big difference..some good and some bad (but it’s actually good..huh?)
  • Lifestyle cleansing tips – what you can do to kick start the process and increase overall results.
Email and reserve your spot today. This detox promotion will run for the month of September on Monday and Thursdays.



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