It’s past labour day and those white pants won’t fit anyway, it’s time to fall back into shape

Ladies, ladies ladies, Registration is NOW OPEN!!! Visit for some more information. It’s time to shape up and get ready for your sexy itty bitty black dress..

For those of you who don’t know, I have partnered up with the FABULOUS personal trainer Angela Moore from Fit 2 the Core in Waterloo and together we have designed a program for YOU. Along with personal training, this fitness guru is known for her ass-kicking indoor AND outdoor boot camps. Calm down, you don’t need years of experience, a perfect body or schnazy equipment to join any of her classes. In fact, Angela offers training for people of all fitness levels, even all of you couch potatoes! As your trainer, she will motivate and encourage you while adapting fitness routines to meet your individual needs and most importantly, she will make your workouts enjoyable with her sassy and fun attitude. Join her in her in-home private personal training studio or at your preferred location. VISIT HER WEBSITE!

Tip: There’s always time for a quickie.. you can get a wholllee-lotta fat burned in 1 hour. No time? Make it!

According to Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri, “When muscles—especially the big ones meant for movement, like those in your legs—are immobile, your circulation slows and you burn fewer calories. Key flab-burning enzymes responsible for breaking down triglycerides (a type of fat) simply start switching off.”


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