The Not So Sweet Addiction…

Sugar addiction. Yes my friends, it does exist. In fact, sugar is the number one food addiction as Canadians consume about 63 grams of sugar a day according to the Canadian Sugar Institute. Gross.

Sugar contributes to many ailments of the body. To name just a few, sugar can: suppress the immune system, upset the body’s mineral balance, contribute to hyperactivity, depression, produce a rise in triglycerides, hypoglycemia, nutrient deficiencies, cause kidney damage, produce acidity in the body and soooo much more!

Think you’ve seen it all? How many names can you come up with for sugar? The manufacturers have dominated this game.  Next time you’re reading a label, look for these disguising words for sugar.

Barley Malt Glucose Mannitol
Beet Sugar Dextran Molasses
Brown Sugar Dextrose Raw Sugar Sorbitol
Cane Sugar Diastase Sorghum Syrup
Corn Syrup Honey Sucrose
Diastic Malt Lactose Malt Syrup Sugar
Ethyl Maltol Maltodextrin Xylitol
Fructose Maltose

A Few Alternatives:  agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, fruit, sucanat, stevia, and more, organic cane sugar!

Rule of thumb: If you don’t recognize it, let alone you can’t pronounce it…it probably doesn’t belong in your mouth. Would you put Ethyl Maltol in your brand new Cadillac? Duhh…no wonder your engine isn’t running properly.


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