The Dirty Dozen

We open the cartons the ensure the eggs aren’t cracked, we inspect the apples for bruises, we pinch the bananas for firmness, but do we check the labels of our produce? I know, grocery shopping can be painful enough from fighting with the self check-out to fighting with the lady beside you who just stole your spot in line. We’ve all been there. Now to add to the list, you have to concern yourself with  “to buy or not to buy”… organically.

Picking which foods to buy organic is easy, but I’m going to make it even easier. The wonderful yet dreadful list of the Dirty Dozen. The list was created by the Environmental Working Group ( as the most toxic produce contaminated with  pesticides. Let’s get down to the real dirt. Research has shown that people who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the list consume an average of 10 pesticides a day.

Not sure which items to purchase organic? Don’t stress yourself out and avoid the fruits and vegetables who landed themselves on the list. Use your noggin and look for the pretty purple sticker when shopping for the dirty dozen.

PeachesPesticide Rating: 100 CherriesPesticide Rating: 73
ApplesPesticide Rating: 93 KalePesticide Rating: 69
Bell PeppersPesticide Rating: 83 LettucePesticide Rating: 67
CeleryPesticide Rating: 82 GrapesPesticide Rating: 66
NectarinesPesticide Rating: 81 PearsPesticide Rating: 63
StrawberriesPesticide Rating: 80 CarrotsPesticide Rating: 63

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